The Skull Trooper is the rarest skin in fortnite and you can get it for free!

I think they’ve got a decent concept.

Looks a lot like Fortnite, but instead of building, it has a class system(warrior, mage, hunter, engineer, assassin) with unique abilities and a crafting system where you find forges around the map to make legendary weapons. The forge (where you craft your legendary armor, weapon, abilities, health and armor potions) is also a vitally amazing concept; The smoke forces action and lets you know where someone is.

I feel like most sub-par/average player’s current success may be short-lived when most people learn how to actually play the game, forcing those players to drift away from the game eventually. Yeah and the thing I love the most about fortnite, is that skins dont AFFECT the gameplay! They give no advantage over a player which is amazing! Take a look at this video you can get this super rare skull trooper skin here: fortnite skull trooper free!

This game should be a sequel to Radical Heights, since they both were buggy and rushed out with the express purpose of capitalizing on the current trend of battle royale games. The weapon mechanics are about as interesting as watching paint dry on the wall The variety of weapons is non-existant. People can tank hits like the Incredible Hulk and gun fights usually break down to whoever has the superior loot. The very limited movement options and tremendously bad gun mechanics leaving you very little space to outplay your opponents if you happen to be in a disadvantage. If you’re looking for aesthetics then I recommend you skip this game completely because the animations are straight up Uncanny Valley. I often wonder if the people responsible for animating the models in this game have seen another human being in motion before. Hi-Rez should stick to directly plagiarizing successful games like Overwatch rather than trying to innovate something for themselves. My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined.