Sky Stalker Skin in Fortnite – Should you buy it?

I would give it a 5/10. I love the idea, and the gas mask, but the back of the skin is dull, the colors aren’t amazing, and the backbling is the worst in the game, but if it weren’t for all that the skin would be eay better. Still the design is great. My favorite skin will always be the Wukong

I don’t know what it is but i seem to be in love with the most hated skins. The moisty merman is still my favorite skin in this game and i think sky stalker could potentially take his spot. For me I like skins that piss you off when you get killed by them. Dying to an ugly green monster costume pisses the shit out of me and i love that. I also think its just a cool and funny design. Sky stalker however is a skin that I personally will be scared to fight in the game bc it really does look intimidating. I think for $20 crazy skins are more worth it for a game that is so fictional and crazy. Power chord is very popular but it is just a girl with weird hair, a ripped shirt and pants. It isn’t creative and i personally think it shouldn’t be so popular while cool skins get so much hate. Just my opinion. I do agree that the back bling is pretty bad considering the exact backbling came out a few weeks ago.

You know what would of been cool , if the sky stalker had like a ability to not get damaged by the stink bombs because he has a gas mask but that’s just my opinion, like this comment if you like this idea… I think Omen and fate are way better. I just used all my vbucks on omen and love ranger for the wings but it wouldn’t be a cop if I had the funds