My Sims 4 Review + How you can get it for FREE!

Sims 4 is a good game, i love this game where you can do what ever you want even get stuff on the work shop that is where its recommended and loved by all the person who made it an gave it to valve is one of the coolest people i herd about and i dont know any other game supported bye the work shop (tf2 is also supported but map download only). A fun plaything. I’ve not played multiplayer (except local), but I’d expect it’s fun. You can build many things, including machines and maps, but if you’re not interested in creating you can use other people’s addons and mods. But after a long time it can get kind of boring. If you have multiplayer though, this game could go on for many hours. The sims 4 brings so much to table compared to the earlier versions.

It’s pretty fun to crash the game with your friends, or spamming toilets all over the place, and actually making some artwork, this game is great with friends (but who has though am I right?) or by yourself just messing around. Pretty Great Game, but if you have a crap computer, it may cause lag, or crash out of the blue | Some of the achievements are almost impossible (which I as an achievement hunter despise, even though achievements mean nothing) despite that it’s a pretty good game – 8.5/10

Here is a little overview for sims 4:

Bad [X]
Decent [X]
Good [X]
Amazing [✔]

Overpriced [X]
Fair [✔]
Buy it now [X]

Game Settings [✔]
Video Settings [✔]
Audio Settings [✔]

This game is great, people think its overpriced but you need to think deeper. They made all the models from scratch, added rgb lighting with software to edit it, has actual real company products, and so much more. I think everyone is wondering how you can get this game for free… well they’re cracks for it online, but the best way to get it for free on xbox ps4 and pc is to just get a free key from this video: how to get sims 4 free – trust me it works! Been using this guide for a while now and I can’t fault it! You really have nothing to lose, it’s an absoutely free process for everyone in any country! Now the download is like 30gbs, but it’s worth it guys!

I hope you have enjoy my review and guide. I just started blogging again, so I hope you guys enjoy!