Pubg or Fortnite? Which Battle Royale should you play?

I don’t know what the deal is but PUBG is f’ing ridiculous right now. Its a fun game and its a thrill to play but my God the problems in this game make me angry. For starters this games optimization is actual garbage. I meet all of the system requirements and yet I STILL have to deal with the black loading screen that takes forever to go away and the game happens out of my control, and then when it finally goes away, I’m on the edge of the map with little chance of surviving. And in some cases I’ve been KILLED while waiting for that black screen to go away. So not only is this game poorly optimized, it will waste your time. In a recent game I had the best loot one could ask for and I was doing well having 5 kills, but throughout the game I had constant frame rate drops and then I discovered it was because half of the maps textures REFUSED to load in, thus causing annoying frame drops which eventually lead to me getting killed. When your game can’t even run properly and the game itself PREVENTS you from having a decent experience then you have a serious issue. Don’t even think about buying this game because you will waste your time and your money.

Also, nothing is more infuriating than getting killed by another “chingchongsueleng4356” from 900 meters away when they’re not even aiming remotely close to your body. Although the Chinese hacker problem has been handled somewhat because I haven’t ran into any of them recently, it’s still annoying as…. and China should be region locked. TL;DR: wait until the devs fix this shit show of a “game”.

Fortnite is one the best of the best in battle royale gameplay. Even better with friends. It does need more optimization, maps and in game items and also a china region lock. Still worth the money. Definitely worth playing especially if you can get free cheats for it 🙂 Now, I’m not saying cheating is good, because it’s not…. But OMG it is FUN! I have been loving fortnite over pubg and I think its worth the time investment to play fortnite, the building aspect is much harder and WAY more rewarding! Take a look at this video I found in which you can get free fortnite hacks with aimbot/esp/chams !!!!!! You will not be disappointed haha! If you are still considering PUBG, You should have believed the reviews not to get it unless on sale. $29.99 for this game was NOT worth it. Lots of cheaters. You can tell when you watch the death cam. Aim just snaps on to you even though when you are behind a huge rock or a wall. Take out the fun because you try to survive and then you just get killed by a cheater. They should try to fix this right away.