This guy is giving away free black ops 4 beta keys!

At first this game has a tiny bit of a learning curve but once you understand the mechanics of mods and how they work the rest of the game is basically like Destiny, which I was a big fan of myself. This game is almost simple but it feels rewarding. All in all I’m happy I gave this game a go because it’s very enjoyable 🙂

The play is fast and fun. Haven’t played coop yet but I can see that being a blast. It is definitely not and easy game so if you are just looking for a casual button mash this might not be for you. If you are just here for the free beta key, check out this video:

Black Ops 4 is fun, however, i do feel like there is a lot missing from this game, maybe some sort of leveling system. etc….. i have just found out as well that after the major grid of getting all the relics, you can only actually equip one at the beginning, this is actually a major annoying point, you should be able to select one from each group, Attack, defence, Misc…. not sure why it isnt like that anyway ?!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a frantic, action packed “Shooter” where the player(s) (this game has local co-op!) is charged with trying to complete a wizarding trial in a tower that is randomly generated every time the player(s) enters the tower.

The combat is fast paces and plays a lot like a beat-em-up or a fast paced hack-n-slash style rpg. The player being a wizard can cast spells and while at the start you only have a few to your name, the game does has meta progress that allows you to unlock more spells and items to enter the tower with.

Generally the game is pretty well balanced assuming the player is aware of their surroundings but the first real test comes in form of the first area boss. She has crazy, screen filling spells and can power through most weak attacks so spell spamming is out of the question unless you happen to have a really deadly combo of spells. This means that the player will have to watch how the boss moves and acts before commiting to an attack as she has some very obvious weaknesses for the observant wizard to take advantage off. I managed to beat this character on my second playthrough with some patience.

You can get Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for FREE!

I normally never play games like this (survival with building etc)
Since I bought the game, I was sold. Dont have a lot of hours (yet) but first impression is very good,

I started, had no clue what to do. First encounter what I had was with a giant bat, I almost poo’d my pants hahaha
So I died, but after 10-20 mins, I already made my first items, raised my level and started to build my base.
Game is easy to grow in to, and if you play it with friends, it is even more fun.

I recommend this game because of the open world, the good mechanics and the fun you can have with friends.

The world is beautiful, soundtrack awesome and the huge variety of weapons, building parts and armors is sweet, it really feels like a Hyrule warriors game should feel and it is great fun with friends.
The game has great potential but if it will ever reach it is highly questionable and completely up to Nintendo. Now enough with the review…. here is how you can get hyrule warriors for free:

I love this game. Have been playing it under the early access period and have 830 hrs spent on it. Sadly there is rather many bugs that is anoying eg thralls that falls thru the floor and often dies after they runs around for some time, i understand there will be minor bugs but this is not good. Cant remember more but there is constantly something every time i play Hyrule Warriors. have been sending in the crash reports to try to supply information. But, as i said, great game and i see forward to the time when these bugs are fixed.

There is a lot of good stuff here and a lot more to come if the devs keep putting out their plans for the game. Happy to recommend.

Minecraft: How good is Coal?

Coal is one of the more common resources in Minecraft, although it can still be hard to find at times. It is commonly found where there is a lot of stone and it must be mined with a pickaxe of any quality, although it does not need to be refined, unlike the ore materials.
Coal can be used to make Torches, which are one of the best tools in the game for keeping the world around you visible and keeping enemies from spawning near you.

Coal can also be used as a fuel for furnaces and for mine carts. Now guys, if you don’t have minecraft you can get it for free: how to get minecraft for free

Now how can you make armor with your coal?

First of all, to make armor, you will need a work bench to gain access to the 3×3 crafting square.

To make armor, you will need the proper crafting materials. These are the materials you can use:

1. Leather, which can be found by hunting cows.

2. Gold, which is just as weak as Leather, which can be mined.

3. Iron, which makes good quality armor. It can be mined.

4. Diamonds, which make the best armor. Diamonds can be mined, but require an iron pickaxe.

With your crafting materials, you have multiple configurations to place them on the crafting bench, each which results in a different type of armor. Keep in mind, armor must be made of all the same materials. If you run out of materials you can use a mc hack website to get you unlimited materials!

1. The Helmet, which is made from five crafting materials arranged in an upside down “U” shape.

2. The Chest Place, which is made from eight crafting materials placed on the crafting square with only the top middle square blank.

3. Leggings, which are made from seven crafting materials with the middle and bottom middle squares of the crafting square blank.

4. Boots, which are made by placing four crafting materials in two columns on both sides of the crafting square, & two materials.

GTA 5 Review [Grand Theft Auto 5] + How to play for FREE!

Unless you are willing to pay alot for the in game currency to buy the building other players have had for 1-2years then you will be grinding for hour just to get a few hundred thousand. and be prepared to have your every attempt at completing a mission thwarted by online players trying to kill you for $25,000, just for finding and killing you when your trying to play the game, progress and do a simple side mission worth like $5,000-10,000. but all is good if you have 3 players that will follow you around just to protect you in the game for even less reward. so instead of progressing their own story they can watch you progress yours for some reason this is meant to be fun… I admit it looks nice but that is only if you have a top end PC.

Bought this game in 2013 on Xbox 360 for $60. Bought another copy for the Xbox One version for another $60. Bought another copy on Steam for $30 when it was on sale. A couple days ago, I get suspended for a month and all my character progress has been reset. The message in-game didn’t give me a reason for it, nor did I get an email from Rockstar. So basically, after about 4 and a half years of playing this game for over 1,500 hours logged in GTA: Online alone, I paid a total of $150 for a giant “F You” from the developers…

…. in conclustion
dont buy the game unless your willing to spend alot of real cash. However I do recommend getting gta 5 free from that video!
I would recommend buying a more recent game instead. or just wait for a new GTA game or similar to come out.

However the single player is good, no worries there but multi is garbage. time you spent is %80 waiting also you cant find any people in most of the events and  thing is people always disconnect in the middle of nowhere. For example, when we do the prison break heist, all is good until the end of the mission. When we about to jump from the plane people always got dc’ed. These examples can go on….
Rockstar should start doing something rather than the money they make from this game.

My Sims 4 Review + How you can get it for FREE!

Sims 4 is a good game, i love this game where you can do what ever you want even get stuff on the work shop that is where its recommended and loved by all the person who made it an gave it to valve is one of the coolest people i herd about and i dont know any other game supported bye the work shop (tf2 is also supported but map download only). A fun plaything. I’ve not played multiplayer (except local), but I’d expect it’s fun. You can build many things, including machines and maps, but if you’re not interested in creating you can use other people’s addons and mods. But after a long time it can get kind of boring. If you have multiplayer though, this game could go on for many hours. The sims 4 brings so much to table compared to the earlier versions.

It’s pretty fun to crash the game with your friends, or spamming toilets all over the place, and actually making some artwork, this game is great with friends (but who has though am I right?) or by yourself just messing around. Pretty Great Game, but if you have a crap computer, it may cause lag, or crash out of the blue | Some of the achievements are almost impossible (which I as an achievement hunter despise, even though achievements mean nothing) despite that it’s a pretty good game – 8.5/10

Here is a little overview for sims 4:

Bad [X]
Decent [X]
Good [X]
Amazing [✔]

Overpriced [X]
Fair [✔]
Buy it now [X]

Game Settings [✔]
Video Settings [✔]
Audio Settings [✔]

This game is great, people think its overpriced but you need to think deeper. They made all the models from scratch, added rgb lighting with software to edit it, has actual real company products, and so much more. I think everyone is wondering how you can get this game for free… well they’re cracks for it online, but the best way to get it for free on xbox ps4 and pc is to just get a free key from this video: how to get sims 4 free – trust me it works! Been using this guide for a while now and I can’t fault it! You really have nothing to lose, it’s an absoutely free process for everyone in any country! Now the download is like 30gbs, but it’s worth it guys!

I hope you have enjoy my review and guide. I just started blogging again, so I hope you guys enjoy!


Pubg or Fortnite? Which Battle Royale should you play?

I don’t know what the deal is but PUBG is f’ing ridiculous right now. Its a fun game and its a thrill to play but my God the problems in this game make me angry. For starters this games optimization is actual garbage. I meet all of the system requirements and yet I STILL have to deal with the black loading screen that takes forever to go away and the game happens out of my control, and then when it finally goes away, I’m on the edge of the map with little chance of surviving. And in some cases I’ve been KILLED while waiting for that black screen to go away. So not only is this game poorly optimized, it will waste your time. In a recent game I had the best loot one could ask for and I was doing well having 5 kills, but throughout the game I had constant frame rate drops and then I discovered it was because half of the maps textures REFUSED to load in, thus causing annoying frame drops which eventually lead to me getting killed. When your game can’t even run properly and the game itself PREVENTS you from having a decent experience then you have a serious issue. Don’t even think about buying this game because you will waste your time and your money.

Also, nothing is more infuriating than getting killed by another “chingchongsueleng4356” from 900 meters away when they’re not even aiming remotely close to your body. Although the Chinese hacker problem has been handled somewhat because I haven’t ran into any of them recently, it’s still annoying as…. and China should be region locked. TL;DR: wait until the devs fix this shit show of a “game”.

Fortnite is one the best of the best in battle royale gameplay. Even better with friends. It does need more optimization, maps and in game items and also a china region lock. Still worth the money. Definitely worth playing especially if you can get free cheats for it 🙂 Now, I’m not saying cheating is good, because it’s not…. But OMG it is FUN! I have been loving fortnite over pubg and I think its worth the time investment to play fortnite, the building aspect is much harder and WAY more rewarding! Take a look at this video I found in which you can get free fortnite hacks with aimbot/esp/chams !!!!!! You will not be disappointed haha! If you are still considering PUBG, You should have believed the reviews not to get it unless on sale. $29.99 for this game was NOT worth it. Lots of cheaters. You can tell when you watch the death cam. Aim just snaps on to you even though when you are behind a huge rock or a wall. Take out the fun because you try to survive and then you just get killed by a cheater. They should try to fix this right away.