Minecraft: How good is Coal?

Coal is one of the more common resources in Minecraft, although it can still be hard to find at times. It is commonly found where there is a lot of stone and it must be mined with a pickaxe of any quality, although it does not need to be refined, unlike the ore materials.
Coal can be used to make Torches, which are one of the best tools in the game for keeping the world around you visible and keeping enemies from spawning near you.

Coal can also be used as a fuel for furnaces and for mine carts. Now guys, if you don’t have minecraft you can get it for free: how to get minecraft for free

Now how can you make armor with your coal?

First of all, to make armor, you will need a work bench to gain access to the 3×3 crafting square.

To make armor, you will need the proper crafting materials. These are the materials you can use:

1. Leather, which can be found by hunting cows.

2. Gold, which is just as weak as Leather, which can be mined.

3. Iron, which makes good quality armor. It can be mined.

4. Diamonds, which make the best armor. Diamonds can be mined, but require an iron pickaxe.

With your crafting materials, you have multiple configurations to place them on the crafting bench, each which results in a different type of armor. Keep in mind, armor must be made of all the same materials. If you run out of materials you can use a mc hack website to get you unlimited materials!

1. The Helmet, which is made from five crafting materials arranged in an upside down “U” shape.

2. The Chest Place, which is made from eight crafting materials placed on the crafting square with only the top middle square blank.

3. Leggings, which are made from seven crafting materials with the middle and bottom middle squares of the crafting square blank.

4. Boots, which are made by placing four crafting materials in two columns on both sides of the crafting square, & two materials.