Love Ranger Skin on Fortnite – Here how you get it!

GUYS you have to check out this video. This guy shows you how you can actually get that awesome love ranger skin on FORTNITE for free! You know those awesome wings that you see all the good fortnite players wearing? Yes those for FREE! Watch it here: love ranger fortnite

Here’s some info on fortnite if you want to play

This used to be a promising game.

The most recent patch is awful. The developers have removed most of the incentive to fight, dumbed down the decision making, and added an absurd amount of RNG.

Optimal strategy is now to land in the middle of nowhere, run around opening chests, and hope that one of them contains the legendary item you need to be effective lategame.

They have a Public Test Server, but somehow managed to ruin the game without soliciting community feedback on what the vast majority of players would have told them was a horrible idea.

Did they even playtest this patch? Did nobody at EPIC GAMES get a legendary item immediately after landing and think “oh, this is broken”?

I mean, they probably revert it (and if not the game dies), but it’s hard to trust a design team that could ever let this make it all the way to production.

I went from hugely optimistic about this game’s future to angry and wary in the space of an afternoon.

Removing the ability to forge your own weapon after a kill and the addition of legendaries in the chests is why i uninstalled. changing core mechanics was stupid, if it was like this from the get go I would’ve never played it to begin with.