GTA 5 Review [Grand Theft Auto 5] + How to play for FREE!

Unless you are willing to pay alot for the in game currency to buy the building other players have had for 1-2years then you will be grinding for hour just to get a few hundred thousand. and be prepared to have your every attempt at completing a mission thwarted by online players trying to kill you for $25,000, just for finding and killing you when your trying to play the game, progress and do a simple side mission worth like $5,000-10,000. but all is good if you have 3 players that will follow you around just to protect you in the game for even less reward. so instead of progressing their own story they can watch you progress yours for some reason this is meant to be fun… I admit it looks nice but that is only if you have a top end PC.

Bought this game in 2013 on Xbox 360 for $60. Bought another copy for the Xbox One version for another $60. Bought another copy on Steam for $30 when it was on sale. A couple days ago, I get suspended for a month and all my character progress has been reset. The message in-game didn’t give me a reason for it, nor did I get an email from Rockstar. So basically, after about 4 and a half years of playing this game for over 1,500 hours logged in GTA: Online alone, I paid a total of $150 for a giant “F You” from the developers…

…. in conclustion
dont buy the game unless your willing to spend alot of real cash. However I do recommend getting gta 5 free from that video!
I would recommend buying a more recent game instead. or just wait for a new GTA game or similar to come out.

However the single player is good, no worries there but multi is garbage. time you spent is %80 waiting also you cant find any people in most of the events and  thing is people always disconnect in the middle of nowhere. For example, when we do the prison break heist, all is good until the end of the mission. When we about to jump from the plane people always got dc’ed. These examples can go on….
Rockstar should start doing something rather than the money they make from this game.