Free Cosmetic Skins in Fortnite? It is this easy?

Fortnite is a Unique BR game that uses the Forge as an objective to fight over. Forges let player craft legendary items and healing potions. The game features an unique set of guns and abilities for each class that are at this point obviously not balanced but make me hope for the game to improve and be the best BR game out there. However you need skins to full enjoy the game or it’s pointless! Check it out this video if you want to get them for free: fortnite free skins

This game has been quite a lot of fun. At the time of me writing this review it is in a true Alpha, so please come prepared for that. The company is working on getting things in order and making things more enjoyable.

Overall I enjoy that the game is being worked on consistently and being fixed. It’s a little different than some of the other BR’s and is a nice change of pace.

Fortnite is Definitely a good spin on the Battle Royale genre, but bare in mind that it is still alpha and a lot of gameplay is still changing.

I’ve have had a blast so far and I will hopefully continue to have that. This game fits me a lot better than some other big brand BR games in the market.