Come play State of Decay 2 for FREE on Xbox with me!

State of Decay 2 is the first game I’ve added to games I’d refer to as my favorite in maybe years. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted out of a rogue like and a top down beat’em up rolled into a harmonious blend of Avatar level action. Buy this game.

Bug report: as of 05/19/18, there’s a bug where if you get knocked of signature charged Shock Nova, the startup sparks don’t go away. I recorded a video if you want to see the results.

There is a great framework here, and the makings of a fantastic game. Too bad it was not more like Diablo. I love the combat, and if this game was not conciddered “Content Complete” and had the Early Access badge, i would have nothing but good things to say about it.

Sadly, what we have at launch seems super light on the content side, and needs a better progression system. Spells seem to be reskins of eachother, and lacking in synergy between elemental effects. I feel very strongley that this game was rushed to accommodate kickstarter comitments, and what we are left with is the shell of a game that could have been on my top 10 this year. Perhaps dead cells has spoiled me, perhaps there will be more to come.  Atleast you can get a free state of decay 2 download here:

Ok so, first of all, and after waiting 2 years for the release, I’m sad because the game lacks content, sadly it does.

The game only have 4 bosses and you have total of 10 “floors” to clear. And since the game is rogue-like, if you die, you gonna have to start all over again. And this, made me angry a couple of times.

But even with all it’s repetitive mobs, floors, bosses, deaths, the game have some amazing combat! I really love the game’s combat and spell “mechanism”, it’s the only thing that make’s me recommend this game.

I hate to do it but i am giving it a thumbs down for now. Hopefully i will have reasons to change this in the future…..