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My fortnite apk review is down below:

What an astounding game this is. The depth of the story, the insane amount of side quests. This really is a masterpeice in the game world. I am not even the biggest Battle royale fan. But this game is legit.

Ahh the Fortnite. This has been a game that has stayed on my mind since I first loaded it up a few years back.

I have never in all of my years of gaming have witnessed such masterful execution of dialogue, graphics, and gameplay all wrapped into one game.

It’s incredible, it’s immersive, it’s a masterpiece. Plain and simple.

Want good side quets? This game gives you phenomenal battle pass missions

Want great dialogue between characters? This is the pinnacle of dialouge amongsts characters

Want an interesting and rewarding open world? Don’t let the loading screens fool you, this world is massive, and it’s worth looking at every inch it has to offer

Epic Games pulled off a gaming miracle. There’s usually a trade off somewhere.
Want good graphics? Well here’s a crap story, etc.

But Epic Games decided to abandon that approach and created a game that has everything cranked to 11. No trade offs.

Music, story, graphics, characters, world, gameplay, sidequests.
It’s all here, and it’s all incredible

I was once at walmart and saw a physical copy of this game for $20. I bought it, even though I had beat the Fortnite, I couldn’t help myself. No game has ever compelled me to buy an extra copy just for the hell of it.

THIS is how you make a good video game!

Free Cosmetic Skins in Fortnite? It is this easy?

Fortnite is a Unique BR game that uses the Forge as an objective to fight over. Forges let player craft legendary items and healing potions. The game features an unique set of guns and abilities for each class that are at this point obviously not balanced but make me hope for the game to improve and be the best BR game out there. However you need skins to full enjoy the game or it’s pointless! Check it out this video if you want to get them for free: fortnite free skins

This game has been quite a lot of fun. At the time of me writing this review it is in a true Alpha, so please come prepared for that. The company is working on getting things in order and making things more enjoyable.

Overall I enjoy that the game is being worked on consistently and being fixed. It’s a little different than some of the other BR’s and is a nice change of pace.

Fortnite is Definitely a good spin on the Battle Royale genre, but bare in mind that it is still alpha and a lot of gameplay is still changing.

I’ve have had a blast so far and I will hopefully continue to have that. This game fits me a lot better than some other big brand BR games in the market.

Love Ranger Skin on Fortnite – Here how you get it!

GUYS you have to check out this video. This guy shows you how you can actually get that awesome love ranger skin on FORTNITE for free! You know those awesome wings that you see all the good fortnite players wearing? Yes those for FREE! Watch it here: love ranger fortnite

Here’s some info on fortnite if you want to play

This used to be a promising game.

The most recent patch is awful. The developers have removed most of the incentive to fight, dumbed down the decision making, and added an absurd amount of RNG.

Optimal strategy is now to land in the middle of nowhere, run around opening chests, and hope that one of them contains the legendary item you need to be effective lategame.

They have a Public Test Server, but somehow managed to ruin the game without soliciting community feedback on what the vast majority of players would have told them was a horrible idea.

Did they even playtest this patch? Did nobody at EPIC GAMES get a legendary item immediately after landing and think “oh, this is broken”?

I mean, they probably revert it (and if not the game dies), but it’s hard to trust a design team that could ever let this make it all the way to production.

I went from hugely optimistic about this game’s future to angry and wary in the space of an afternoon.

Removing the ability to forge your own weapon after a kill and the addition of legendaries in the chests is why i uninstalled. changing core mechanics was stupid, if it was like this from the get go I would’ve never played it to begin with.

Sky Stalker Skin in Fortnite – Should you buy it?

I would give it a 5/10. I love the idea, and the gas mask, but the back of the skin is dull, the colors aren’t amazing, and the backbling is the worst in the game, but if it weren’t for all that the skin would be eay better. Still the design is great. My favorite skin will always be the Wukong

I don’t know what it is but i seem to be in love with the most hated skins. The moisty merman is still my favorite skin in this game and i think sky stalker could potentially take his spot. For me I like skins that piss you off when you get killed by them. Dying to an ugly green monster costume pisses the shit out of me and i love that. I also think its just a cool and funny design. Sky stalker however is a skin that I personally will be scared to fight in the game bc it really does look intimidating. I think for $20 crazy skins are more worth it for a game that is so fictional and crazy. Power chord is very popular but it is just a girl with weird hair, a ripped shirt and pants. It isn’t creative and i personally think it shouldn’t be so popular while cool skins get so much hate. Just my opinion. I do agree that the back bling is pretty bad considering the exact backbling came out a few weeks ago.

You know what would of been cool , if the sky stalker had like a ability to not get damaged by the stink bombs because he has a gas mask but that’s just my opinion, like this comment if you like this idea… I think Omen and fate are way better. I just used all my vbucks on omen and love ranger for the wings but it wouldn’t be a cop if I had the funds

A free fortnite battle pass? Yes please!

One of the best games I’ve ever played! It’s very fun but if you don’t have with who to play it it’s kinda boring.I don’t suggest buying it if you don’t have a buddy to play it with, but if you have, you’ll love playing this game! You will definitely need the season 4 battle pass… get it here for free: battle pass free

Fortnite is extremely fun to play as a builder and challenging but fun as a survivor. But the only downside is (some) killer will camp you while youre hooked. Other wise this game is VERY VERY fun and I recommend this game to anyone who has been looking at it like me for a while. :’)

So after putting in 30hrs into this game I feel I can give some feedback back
( If you played this game for two hours then you should not give feed back just saying). What I like about the game is the storyline. It makes up for the glitching and bugs this game has. The voice over ( dubbing) is pretty bad but if you put subtitles on it helps. Graphics for a AAA title that is selling for 65.00 should of been alot better. But graphics don’t make the game better if you’re not captivated by the game. That brings me to the story. The story of this game is what kept me playing I wanted to see what happens next. It not vampires of the mascarade by any means but it did keep me coming back. For that reason I’d say get this game on sale you will enjoy the story and the character build of Dr Reid. Have fun I did

I’ve struggled to get to the end of this game because I love the idea of playing as a builder and I liked the story but the gameplay and the mechanics are the real horror here. Fighting is the worst part of Fortnite and there is too much of it. This game would have been a lot better if they have made an adventure game instead of a mediocre RPG. In the end, the story was not worth the struggle and it was really not that fun to become this particular vampire.

The Skull Trooper is the rarest skin in fortnite and you can get it for free!

I think they’ve got a decent concept.

Looks a lot like Fortnite, but instead of building, it has a class system(warrior, mage, hunter, engineer, assassin) with unique abilities and a crafting system where you find forges around the map to make legendary weapons. The forge (where you craft your legendary armor, weapon, abilities, health and armor potions) is also a vitally amazing concept; The smoke forces action and lets you know where someone is.

I feel like most sub-par/average player’s current success may be short-lived when most people learn how to actually play the game, forcing those players to drift away from the game eventually. Yeah and the thing I love the most about fortnite, is that skins dont AFFECT the gameplay! They give no advantage over a player which is amazing! Take a look at this video you can get this super rare skull trooper skin here: fortnite skull trooper free!

This game should be a sequel to Radical Heights, since they both were buggy and rushed out with the express purpose of capitalizing on the current trend of battle royale games. The weapon mechanics are about as interesting as watching paint dry on the wall The variety of weapons is non-existant. People can tank hits like the Incredible Hulk and gun fights usually break down to whoever has the superior loot. The very limited movement options and tremendously bad gun mechanics leaving you very little space to outplay your opponents if you happen to be in a disadvantage. If you’re looking for aesthetics then I recommend you skip this game completely because the animations are straight up Uncanny Valley. I often wonder if the people responsible for animating the models in this game have seen another human being in motion before. Hi-Rez should stick to directly plagiarizing successful games like Overwatch rather than trying to innovate something for themselves. My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined.

How to get save the world for free on fortnite!

My Save the world review!

This is a good game, really! I love it! which is why I’m giving it a recommendation. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, literally waiting what like 10+ years for this game?? the models are gorgeous, it’s engaging, you rarely find yourself without something to do to the point where it can even get chaotic…

h o w e v e r

it’s really not what we all wanted. it’s very clear the development time was too short. there’s a lot of things that should really be here that aren’t, just weird small things that would’ve boosted the game into something incredible from Epic Games!

I find my biggest issue so far being the map sizes and restrictions- they’re borderline unplayable to me. a park builder should not have this kind of restrictive landscape. it’s hard to compare the game to it’s predecessor operation genesis because of the huge gap in time between them, but it’s fairly wild to me that jpog has like……. more features, and a better handle on what makes a park game good. You should watch this video on how to get save the world for free, it explains everything.

there’s also the fact that getting everything going is p a i n f u l l y slow. you have to unlock pretty much everything by going through the islands, but you’re capped out from unlocking more once you reach a certain point. I’m on the third island and I’m already tiring of the start an island, fix it up, get it profitable, get a handful of new dinosaurs, then NAH SORRY MAN YOU GOTTA DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN nothing else to see here! so you abandon a half built park (which is ugly and cramped because of how little space you have) and move on to the next one to repeat the process. sandbox not being right off the getgo is frankly a very very bad decision to have made. you should be able to have your mission mode and your sandbox /separate/ so people who don’t want to deal with the missions can go and just have fun building their dream park, i also really enjoy how you get free vbucks for completing the challenges in save the world!

The monsters you vs are cool, but limited. it’s the same species just slightly different 5 times over: you get several stego look-alikes, several anklyo look-alikes, several trike look-alikes, etc. it’s one of the biggest disappointments here, ontop of the shallow dinosaur AI and weird decisions regarding them. herbivores can’t graze to fill their hunger even though they graze all the time, “socializing” dinosaurs literally stand in some sort of conference circle and make noises at each other, there is no sleep animation/need, tranqing a dino and not moving it will kill it, herding/pack dinosaurs don’t group together, small carnivores (velociraptor) don’t gang up on dinosaurs, the fighting mechanic/animations are….. weird and slow, like they just sit there and stare each other down and once every 10 seconds bite/hit eachother.

Fallout 76 Beta is HERE! Official keys from Bethesada!

Let’s make this simples. The fallout 76 beta is amazing, and just got released today by Bethesda at the E3 conference! You can get your hands on a free beta key that is available to everyone by watching this guide by Martin on youtube. Here’s the video:

Anyways here is my review of the new fallout 76 beta:

– big open world, the only bounds are story specifics (I’d say 3 or 4 areas and a building) and out of the map, mostly free roam;
– there is still a story here, a good one;
– replayability, you can seriously finish this game from scratch 10 times and not be bored of it;
– interesting crafting, although, it does require some DLCs to be worth your time, vanilla game is plain awful;
– basebuilding is the most fun thing they could come up with, no joking, I’ve spent about 50% of my playtime on basebuilding alone;
– it’s fallout, what else do you want?
– overall imersion and ambient presentation, it ranges from “very good” to “flawless”;
– mods, lots and lots of mods, for all tastes;

– they butchered what made Fallout a great RPG up to this point, there’s hardly any RPG left to count this as an RPG, in fact, someone should remove that tag from this game, this is a far cry from any RPG format;
– they butchered dialog interactions as they used to be, it does look more realistic (IRL you don’t ask the same damn thing 10 times over), but it does kill a lot of the dinamic other games had, you have to take notes of what people say, and too many times to count you’ll lose the opportunity to hear something;
– even though there’s basebuilding, base defending is a pain too great to endure, most of the time you just let them get overrun and just rebuild;
– for some reason, loading screens are HUGE, even if you have an SSD, a lot of modding is required to not sit around twiddling your thumbs while the game runs through it’s files over and over again;
– they tried REALLY hard to make it look like some factions are “good” while others are “bad”, like REALLY REALLY REALLY hard, it’s impressive, but, if you know how to listen instead of shout and know a bit about the previous game’s lore, you’ll probably get over this (note that all factions are somewhat morally grey);
– F-ING PAID MODS, no, seriously, this is an insult, steam tried it, EVERYONE protested, Bethesda thinks they’re superior or something, did the same damn thing, just get a mod to ban this Creation Club c*ap, you’ll be doing you and all the world a favor;
– exploration is fun, storyline quests are fun, side quests are fun, saving the same goddamn settlement from the same goddamn thing over and over and over again is not, and, unless you mod this, there’s just no way to get rid of it;
– like Skyrim, difficulty is far-fetched, the harder the difficulty you choose, the more damage enemies will deal and less you’ll deal, there are more legendary enemies though, but, overall, it’s not more challenging, only more time consuming. enemies will be as dumb as ever, as blind as ever and so on, they’ll just hit really hard (honestly, this is the one thing that irritates me the most, it doesn’t make the game harder or challenging, the hardest difficulty is so boring I have never played on it for long, its like this: “I’ll deliberately choose a difficulty setting where I have to spend 20min kiting a damn ghoul because it will HK me and I can just barely grind his health away with the most powerful weapon I’ve found, yeah, fun!”; my advice: get a mod that increases your damage as well as enemy’s, this way you won’t need to sit around playing 2018 Tibia or something because you want to capture a settlement);
– someway, somehow, worse than previous entry Fallout New Vegas… Make what you will of this, it just is.

Here’s how you get your own private Battlefield V Beta Key for free!

I love this game. Battlefield V offers thrill, stratergy, quick thinking, creativity and satisfaction. Going out and shooting everything will always result in you being pinned down. Using islands and land as cover as your sluggish ship is being peppered, just so you torpedos can charge and blast the barstard thats about to kill you is extremely exciting. It’s hard not to jump out of your chair and scream in excitment because you just won the game on a ship that is about to explode. It’s always fun to use a last resort of raming into the opponent, exploding both of you just to win. The fact that this game is free is also awesome. The pay to play is there, microtransactions are definitely visible. But you can easily enjoy the game and unlock almost everything without paying.

Trust me play on the european server. The community on the american one is just plain salty. Played on the american server for a year before switching over when I switched to steam as my client. Night and day I actually enjoy playing Battlefield V again. The player in europe rarely mouth off and if they do they don’t speak english and you don’t care.

I’d definitely recommend this game to everyone. It is also abundent with players too. Better yet. The game fills spots with AI that aren’t dumb. Anyways, let’s get to why you’re reading this. Here is how you get your free BF5 Beta key: Just watch this video….

I have hundreds of hours in this game, been playing it since it first launched. The game overall is great, you can definitely play it for free, but you will have to put in alot of work. The lower tiers are sheer fun, you will find as you get above IMO tier 8-10. The game changes alot and requires alot more teamwork and strategy to win.

Overall, there isn’t a better naval battle game out there and I recommend it to anyone who likes naval battle games.

Come play State of Decay 2 for FREE on Xbox with me!

State of Decay 2 is the first game I’ve added to games I’d refer to as my favorite in maybe years. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted out of a rogue like and a top down beat’em up rolled into a harmonious blend of Avatar level action. Buy this game.

Bug report: as of 05/19/18, there’s a bug where if you get knocked of signature charged Shock Nova, the startup sparks don’t go away. I recorded a video if you want to see the results.

There is a great framework here, and the makings of a fantastic game. Too bad it was not more like Diablo. I love the combat, and if this game was not conciddered “Content Complete” and had the Early Access badge, i would have nothing but good things to say about it.

Sadly, what we have at launch seems super light on the content side, and needs a better progression system. Spells seem to be reskins of eachother, and lacking in synergy between elemental effects. I feel very strongley that this game was rushed to accommodate kickstarter comitments, and what we are left with is the shell of a game that could have been on my top 10 this year. Perhaps dead cells has spoiled me, perhaps there will be more to come.  Atleast you can get a free state of decay 2 download here:

Ok so, first of all, and after waiting 2 years for the release, I’m sad because the game lacks content, sadly it does.

The game only have 4 bosses and you have total of 10 “floors” to clear. And since the game is rogue-like, if you die, you gonna have to start all over again. And this, made me angry a couple of times.

But even with all it’s repetitive mobs, floors, bosses, deaths, the game have some amazing combat! I really love the game’s combat and spell “mechanism”, it’s the only thing that make’s me recommend this game.

I hate to do it but i am giving it a thumbs down for now. Hopefully i will have reasons to change this in the future…..