A free fortnite battle pass? Yes please!

One of the best games I’ve ever played! It’s very fun but if you don’t have with who to play it it’s kinda boring.I don’t suggest buying it if you don’t have a buddy to play it with, but if you have, you’ll love playing this game! You will definitely need the season 4 battle pass… get it here for free: battle pass free

Fortnite is extremely fun to play as a builder and challenging but fun as a survivor. But the only downside is (some) killer will camp you while youre hooked. Other wise this game is VERY VERY fun and I recommend this game to anyone who has been looking at it like me for a while. :’)

So after putting in 30hrs into this game I feel I can give some feedback back
( If you played this game for two hours then you should not give feed back just saying). What I like about the game is the storyline. It makes up for the glitching and bugs this game has. The voice over ( dubbing) is pretty bad but if you put subtitles on it helps. Graphics for a AAA title that is selling for 65.00 should of been alot better. But graphics don’t make the game better if you’re not captivated by the game. That brings me to the story. The story of this game is what kept me playing I wanted to see what happens next. It not vampires of the mascarade by any means but it did keep me coming back. For that reason I’d say get this game on sale you will enjoy the story and the character build of Dr Reid. Have fun I did

I’ve struggled to get to the end of this game because I love the idea of playing as a builder and I liked the story but the gameplay and the mechanics are the real horror here. Fighting is the worst part of Fortnite and there is too much of it. This game would have been a lot better if they have made an adventure game instead of a mediocre RPG. In the end, the story was not worth the struggle and it was really not that fun to become this particular vampire.