How to get save the world for free on fortnite!

My Save the world review!

This is a good game, really! I love it! which is why I’m giving it a recommendation. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, literally waiting what like 10+ years for this game?? the models are gorgeous, it’s engaging, you rarely find yourself without something to do to the point where it can even get chaotic…

h o w e v e r

it’s really not what we all wanted. it’s very clear the development time was too short. there’s a lot of things that should really be here that aren’t, just weird small things that would’ve boosted the game into something incredible from Epic Games!

I find my biggest issue so far being the map sizes and restrictions- they’re borderline unplayable to me. a park builder should not have this kind of restrictive landscape. it’s hard to compare the game to it’s predecessor operation genesis because of the huge gap in time between them, but it’s fairly wild to me that jpog has like……. more features, and a better handle on what makes a park game good. You should watch this video on how to get save the world for free, it explains everything.

there’s also the fact that getting everything going is p a i n f u l l y slow. you have to unlock pretty much everything by going through the islands, but you’re capped out from unlocking more once you reach a certain point. I’m on the third island and I’m already tiring of the start an island, fix it up, get it profitable, get a handful of new dinosaurs, then NAH SORRY MAN YOU GOTTA DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN nothing else to see here! so you abandon a half built park (which is ugly and cramped because of how little space you have) and move on to the next one to repeat the process. sandbox not being right off the getgo is frankly a very very bad decision to have made. you should be able to have your mission mode and your sandbox /separate/ so people who don’t want to deal with the missions can go and just have fun building their dream park, i also really enjoy how you get free vbucks for completing the challenges in save the world!

The monsters you vs are cool, but limited. it’s the same species just slightly different 5 times over: you get several stego look-alikes, several anklyo look-alikes, several trike look-alikes, etc. it’s one of the biggest disappointments here, ontop of the shallow dinosaur AI and weird decisions regarding them. herbivores can’t graze to fill their hunger even though they graze all the time, “socializing” dinosaurs literally stand in some sort of conference circle and make noises at each other, there is no sleep animation/need, tranqing a dino and not moving it will kill it, herding/pack dinosaurs don’t group together, small carnivores (velociraptor) don’t gang up on dinosaurs, the fighting mechanic/animations are….. weird and slow, like they just sit there and stare each other down and once every 10 seconds bite/hit eachother.