Fallout 76 Beta is HERE! Official keys from Bethesada!

Let’s make this simples. The fallout 76 beta is amazing, and just got released today by Bethesda at the E3 conference! You can get your hands on a free beta key that is available to everyone by watching this guide by Martin on youtube. Here’s the video:

Anyways here is my review of the new fallout 76 beta:

– big open world, the only bounds are story specifics (I’d say 3 or 4 areas and a building) and out of the map, mostly free roam;
– there is still a story here, a good one;
– replayability, you can seriously finish this game from scratch 10 times and not be bored of it;
– interesting crafting, although, it does require some DLCs to be worth your time, vanilla game is plain awful;
– basebuilding is the most fun thing they could come up with, no joking, I’ve spent about 50% of my playtime on basebuilding alone;
– it’s fallout, what else do you want?
– overall imersion and ambient presentation, it ranges from “very good” to “flawless”;
– mods, lots and lots of mods, for all tastes;

– they butchered what made Fallout a great RPG up to this point, there’s hardly any RPG left to count this as an RPG, in fact, someone should remove that tag from this game, this is a far cry from any RPG format;
– they butchered dialog interactions as they used to be, it does look more realistic (IRL you don’t ask the same damn thing 10 times over), but it does kill a lot of the dinamic other games had, you have to take notes of what people say, and too many times to count you’ll lose the opportunity to hear something;
– even though there’s basebuilding, base defending is a pain too great to endure, most of the time you just let them get overrun and just rebuild;
– for some reason, loading screens are HUGE, even if you have an SSD, a lot of modding is required to not sit around twiddling your thumbs while the game runs through it’s files over and over again;
– they tried REALLY hard to make it look like some factions are “good” while others are “bad”, like REALLY REALLY REALLY hard, it’s impressive, but, if you know how to listen instead of shout and know a bit about the previous game’s lore, you’ll probably get over this (note that all factions are somewhat morally grey);
– F-ING PAID MODS, no, seriously, this is an insult, steam tried it, EVERYONE protested, Bethesda thinks they’re superior or something, did the same damn thing, just get a mod to ban this Creation Club c*ap, you’ll be doing you and all the world a favor;
– exploration is fun, storyline quests are fun, side quests are fun, saving the same goddamn settlement from the same goddamn thing over and over and over again is not, and, unless you mod this, there’s just no way to get rid of it;
– like Skyrim, difficulty is far-fetched, the harder the difficulty you choose, the more damage enemies will deal and less you’ll deal, there are more legendary enemies though, but, overall, it’s not more challenging, only more time consuming. enemies will be as dumb as ever, as blind as ever and so on, they’ll just hit really hard (honestly, this is the one thing that irritates me the most, it doesn’t make the game harder or challenging, the hardest difficulty is so boring I have never played on it for long, its like this: “I’ll deliberately choose a difficulty setting where I have to spend 20min kiting a damn ghoul because it will HK me and I can just barely grind his health away with the most powerful weapon I’ve found, yeah, fun!”; my advice: get a mod that increases your damage as well as enemy’s, this way you won’t need to sit around playing 2018 Tibia or something because you want to capture a settlement);
– someway, somehow, worse than previous entry Fallout New Vegas… Make what you will of this, it just is.