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I love this game. Battlefield V offers thrill, stratergy, quick thinking, creativity and satisfaction. Going out and shooting everything will always result in you being pinned down. Using islands and land as cover as your sluggish ship is being peppered, just so you torpedos can charge and blast the barstard thats about to kill you is extremely exciting. It’s hard not to jump out of your chair and scream in excitment because you just won the game on a ship that is about to explode. It’s always fun to use a last resort of raming into the opponent, exploding both of you just to win. The fact that this game is free is also awesome. The pay to play is there, microtransactions are definitely visible. But you can easily enjoy the game and unlock almost everything without paying.

Trust me play on the european server. The community on the american one is just plain salty. Played on the american server for a year before switching over when I switched to steam as my client. Night and day I actually enjoy playing Battlefield V again. The player in europe rarely mouth off and if they do they don’t speak english and you don’t care.

I’d definitely recommend this game to everyone. It is also abundent with players too. Better yet. The game fills spots with AI that aren’t dumb. Anyways, let’s get to why you’re reading this. Here is how you get your free BF5 Beta key: Just watch this video….

I have hundreds of hours in this game, been playing it since it first launched. The game overall is great, you can definitely play it for free, but you will have to put in alot of work. The lower tiers are sheer fun, you will find as you get above IMO tier 8-10. The game changes alot and requires alot more teamwork and strategy to win.

Overall, there isn’t a better naval battle game out there and I recommend it to anyone who likes naval battle games.