This guy is giving away free black ops 4 beta keys!

At first this game has a tiny bit of a learning curve but once you understand the mechanics of mods and how they work the rest of the game is basically like Destiny, which I was a big fan of myself. This game is almost simple but it feels rewarding. All in all I’m happy I gave this game a go because it’s very enjoyable 🙂

The play is fast and fun. Haven’t played coop yet but I can see that being a blast. It is definitely not and easy game so if you are just looking for a casual button mash this might not be for you. If you are just here for the free beta key, check out this video:

Black Ops 4 is fun, however, i do feel like there is a lot missing from this game, maybe some sort of leveling system. etc….. i have just found out as well that after the major grid of getting all the relics, you can only actually equip one at the beginning, this is actually a major annoying point, you should be able to select one from each group, Attack, defence, Misc…. not sure why it isnt like that anyway ?!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a frantic, action packed “Shooter” where the player(s) (this game has local co-op!) is charged with trying to complete a wizarding trial in a tower that is randomly generated every time the player(s) enters the tower.

The combat is fast paces and plays a lot like a beat-em-up or a fast paced hack-n-slash style rpg. The player being a wizard can cast spells and while at the start you only have a few to your name, the game does has meta progress that allows you to unlock more spells and items to enter the tower with.

Generally the game is pretty well balanced assuming the player is aware of their surroundings but the first real test comes in form of the first area boss. She has crazy, screen filling spells and can power through most weak attacks so spell spamming is out of the question unless you happen to have a really deadly combo of spells. This means that the player will have to watch how the boss moves and acts before commiting to an attack as she has some very obvious weaknesses for the observant wizard to take advantage off. I managed to beat this character on my second playthrough with some patience.