You can get Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for FREE!

I normally never play games like this (survival with building etc)
Since I bought the game, I was sold. Dont have a lot of hours (yet) but first impression is very good,

I started, had no clue what to do. First encounter what I had was with a giant bat, I almost poo’d my pants hahaha
So I died, but after 10-20 mins, I already made my first items, raised my level and started to build my base.
Game is easy to grow in to, and if you play it with friends, it is even more fun.

I recommend this game because of the open world, the good mechanics and the fun you can have with friends.

The world is beautiful, soundtrack awesome and the huge variety of weapons, building parts and armors is sweet, it really feels like a Hyrule warriors game should feel and it is great fun with friends.
The game has great potential but if it will ever reach it is highly questionable and completely up to Nintendo. Now enough with the review…. here is how you can get hyrule warriors for free:

I love this game. Have been playing it under the early access period and have 830 hrs spent on it. Sadly there is rather many bugs that is anoying eg thralls that falls thru the floor and often dies after they runs around for some time, i understand there will be minor bugs but this is not good. Cant remember more but there is constantly something every time i play Hyrule Warriors. have been sending in the crash reports to try to supply information. But, as i said, great game and i see forward to the time when these bugs are fixed.

There is a lot of good stuff here and a lot more to come if the devs keep putting out their plans for the game. Happy to recommend.