Sims 4 Free

This game is pretty spectacular. As a fan of the sims series, this game is a great way to play something like those games in current times. This game, though, does push building your house yourself more often than using blueprints. I never really spent my time building and playing normally, but this game makes building the life of the sims a definite challenge. This can be good or bad, depending on the person. At least for me, it’s good because of the simplicity of building a custom alternative life as a different person

The only thing I would like to see this game do in the future, is add water park rides. I was a huge fan of creating water slides that lead into the pool area. I wish this game had that too. Here’s to the future of the game!

Lovers of sim games, especially Rollercoaster Tycoon, should not pass up this game! The simulation is incredibly detailed, with something for everyone:

– Ride all rides (not just coaster), with first-person cameras, third-person reaction cams, and cinematic views.
– Every single guest in the park is rendered in minute detail, including budget, thoughts, needs, etc.
– Staff are rendered in similar detail with their own salaries, thoughts, and training.
– Vendor shops have individual prices with item customization.
– Rides can have custom operational rules and priority (“FastPass”) queues.
– Tons of items and special effects for customizing buildings/scenery are included in the base game, no DLC needed to have a full experience.

Overall, this game has been a huge hit for me, and it only gets better. I got my money’s worth at full price; if you like sims at all and you see it on sale, just pull the trigger. You won’t regret it!

So after some time in the game I have to say that I’m surprised in the up most positive way. The only real complaint I have at this time is that the path laying is a nightmare if you want to have an organized (symmetrical) setup. Some work in this would do wonders for the game. Other than this, it excels in the endless possibilities creating coasters or “slow” ride attractions. Some work on the placements is still needed here and there (game won’t let you place a blueprint but if you custom build the exact thing it will let you, so this makes no sense). If you are looking at purchasing sims 4… I would watch this video first, this guy RyzaTV shows you how to get sims 4 for free in 2018 and it’s actually working 🙂

Overall though, this is well worth the money they charge for the full game. As for the DLC (at this point €30 for all) I don’t think it is worth the money. The additions seem too little for this to be justified.